Muscle-Building Tips for Naturally Thin People

If you’re naturally thin, chances are high that you’re really struggling to see the muscle gain results that you’re after. Thin people, often referred to as ectomorphs, have a very slow metabolic rate that makes gaining more muscle tissue feel virtually impossible.

While it may definitely be harder for you than most, the fact is that it doesn’t have to be impossible as long as you make a few key changes to your approach. As long as you can stay focused and make sure you are working out and eating as you should, you will be able to gain the lean muscle that you desire.

The key is being patient and keeping with it so that you can see the progress you desire over time. Let’s go over some of the top muscle-building tips that the naturally thin person must keep in mind at all times.


The Details:

  • Do less work. Most people who are naturally thin spend more time in the gym thinking that’s the route to success. For a thin person, however, they actually need to spend less time working out as this will just cause them to burn more calories and place more stress on their body to recover.
  • Use a full-body workout. A naturally thin person should almost always use a full-body workout, done three times per week.
  • Do compound movements only. Compound exercises will work the most total muscle fibers and help create the greatest anabolic response in the body. Since you must limit how much total work you do, don’t go adding isolation exercises to the mix.
  • Eat calorie-dense foods. Your diet should focus on high-calorie, low-volume foods such as nuts, seeds, nut butter, steak, dry oats, pasta and oils to get enough calories in without feeling bloated.
  • Drink your calories. Having protein shakes throughout the day can also be an effective way to get your calorie intake up without feeling overly full.
  • Keep stress levels down. Stress puts the body into a catabolic state, which is conducive to breaking down muscle tissue – clearly not what you want.
  • Make sure to sleep enough. Sleep is the prime time for recovery so you need to be getting at least eight hours per night.
  • Keep daily activity lower. Try not to be up walking around or fidgeting all day long. This will burn precious calories that you need to build muscle instead.
  • Avoid high volumes of cardio. This will work against your goals to build more lean muscle mass.
  • Change your program often. Keep your body guessing as to what comes next so that your muscles keep responding.
  • Stay positive. It can be hard to keep motivated when progress is slow but be committed to your progress so that you aren’t skipping workout sessions.

The Bottom Line:

How many of these points are you overlooking? If you are not following these tips with your current approach, that is likely why you are not seeing the sculpted physique and muscle mass gain that you were hoping for.

Make a few changes, and watch how much of a difference it makes in your progress.

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