How to Advance Your Muscle-Building Program

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you will have to do from time to time is figure out a way to add more difficult so that you continue to see the progress you’re after.

Unless you are doing something to change your workouts up and advance so that you push your body harder, you are going to hit a progress plateau.

Fortunately, advancing your workout doesn’t have to be all that problem as long as you keep a few things in mind. There are a number of great ways to push the barriers on your physical capabilities, so by keeping these in mind, you can forge onwards.


The Details:

  • Change your exercises. Do something to alter your exercises. Rather than doing a front squat, for example, do a back squat. Rather than a regular bench press, switch to a close grip bench press.
  • Add new exercises. Try a new exercise you’ve never done before to really challenge your muscles at a higher level.
  • Shorten your rest periods. The less time you have to rest, the harder you’re forcing your body to work. Just be sure that you always maintain proper form while you do this to avoid injury.
  • Do more reps. Increasing the reps means more work is performed for each set you do.
  • Super-setting involves pairing two exercises back to back with each other with no rest in between. This is a fast way to boost your metabolism, strength and muscular endurance.
  • Drop set. To do a drop set, perform one set at a standard weight, drop the weight by five pounds, perform a second set, and once that’s done, try and drop the weight one more time before carrying on.
  • Switch your workout program split. If you were doing a full-body workout, try an upper-lower split and vice versa. Just avoid body part splits as they aren’t as effective.
  • Add an exercise ball. Try integrating an exercise ball, aka stability ball, into some common moves such as a shoulder press, bicep curl, or lateral raise.
  • Add more weight. This is the simplest of all progressions and is geared toward getting you stronger faster.
  • Switch from using dumbbells to using barbells or vice versa. Or try out cables instead of something totally different.
  • Perform exercises with kettlebells. This is one of the hottest new fitness trends, although it’s been popular in Russia for a long time. It will bring you fast and very effective result.

The Bottom Line:

So make sure that you are periodically adding one or two of these methods into your workout routine. You definitely don’t want to go adding them all at once as that would overload your system and be too much to handle, but you should be sure to integrate new techniques and exercises on an ongoing basis to see greater success and push your progress up a notch.

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